January 06, 2016

Revenants of Ruins v2.5 (Malaysia5)

Map Revenants of Ruins v2.5.w3x (Malaysia5) Created by Heaven Editor (c)
Map Info
Revenants of Ruins is the BATTLE between Luminous and Overcast to chase over the POWER

Main Objective KILL ALL Relic Revenants inside the Temple (center of the map) and
SURVIVE for 2 MINUTES to achieve victory.
Sub Objective Control at least 1 Ancient Tower that can help heroes to SURVIVE.
If the Ancient Tower is belong to the enemy, kill it and it will be your ally.

To achieve the main objective easier, make ALLIANCE WITH SKELETONS
by killing its Firepots located near the Crypt where they are spawned.
Genre: "Strategic" Hero Arena.
Recommended players: 8 players (4v4).
Average Game Duration: Less than 1 hour.
Need to know This game requires
Advance controlling technique, because many things to consider such as skills target, position and environment.
Map awareness, because it is on-your-own hero control. No ally creep to help you permanently.
Quick decision making, because many things are against you, even the weather.
If you love MMORPG, then this is just a game that challenges you at a different angle.

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