January 13, 2016

Saint Seiya Hades v1.0

Map Saint Seiya Hades Defense version 1.0 - new_SDS1.0.w3x - Chinese圣斗士圣域冥王篇1.0版 - 作者:我心翱翔

New Titan hero --- Fast remote intelligence hero --- Q and D are real injuries, WRF for the physical damage, which has a certain probability Q skills spell crit, F has a magic effect of fluctuations 2, the new mount system - - four wings --- --- 1 3 strengthening mounts 3 cloak, sword mounts increase particle effects, the effect is more beautiful 4, increasing property enhancement inheritance --- Ultimate Cloth can be synthesized in the active store enhanced properties.
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Download: new_SDS1.0.w3x
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