January 31, 2016

Space Orcs vs. Zombies 1.6

Map Space Orcs vs. Zombies 1.6 Created by Calciumcarbonat

Map Idea:
A teamplay orientated zombie survival game with Orcs in space!
Fight hordes of enemies, strong Bosses and find epic loot, while creating the ultimate defense!
But even though it is easy to understand, it is very challenging and needs good positioning and teamplay.

• 7 unique, carefully designed classes, with different roles and playstyle
• Easy to learn, but challenging difficulty
• 16 enemie types
• 80% trigger spells
• Teamplay heavily required
• Maximum of 12 players
• 3 tense boss levels
  • Every player chooses one of the 7 classes. Each class has unique abilties and an important role in teamplay. 
  • The Firebat for example is very tough and can act as a tank as a result. The Engineer on the other hand, is an expert in enhancing your defenses with his inventions.
  • Then your team will get attacked by waves of enemie undead units. 
  • Each wave contains Zombies and either special mobs or a boss. The number of enemies depends on the number of players. 
  • You can find new weapons and mysterious artifacts which zombies can drop on their death.
  • When a hero dies he can be revived by a medic or will respawn after the end of the current level. If all heroes are dead at the same time, the game is lost.
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