January 30, 2016

Villains of Warcraft vF

Pick a hero and fight against the most epic villains the Warcraft universe has to offer!
You will face them at the end of their wings, but you have to face their army before you face the big bad boss

At the moment there are 18 heroes to choice from, 5 wings to experience, 24 quests to complete and 20 epic bosses to beat!

- First you pick a hero at the tavern. It will spawn in a chosen wing.

- You start with all your abilities, so you won't have to wait for a higher level to have them all. Making the gameplay more interesting and intense from the start.

- Each wing has its own theme and style, four bosses with multiple phases, units with their own unique and custom abilities, three challenges to complete. There are also Achievements you can complete, but those aren't particular for an individual wing.

- You can pick between three difficulties at the start: Easy, Normal and Hard. Picking Hard makes the enemy ofcourse stronger: Increases attack damage, health, armor and improved abilities.

- When you are with less than 4 people, you can pick more heroes so you have always 4 heroes to play!

Deleted some useless crap, cuz the triggers suddenly didn't work somehow.

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