January 28, 2016

War of Sanctity 5.63c AI

Map War of Sanctity v5.63c AI - WOS 5.63c AI.w3x Created by Alxen

WOS v6.83c AI changelog:
-Added 3 new items:-Vampiric Potion
-Arcanite Shield
-Drek'thar Spellbook
-rebalanced heroes
-fixed current bugs
-fixed the problem of choosing the same hero for multiple players.After the War of the Ancients ended,Kalimdor remained in peace for a while,until the reborn of the new Lich King,Arthas Menethil.He reformed the remaining undead,corrupted demons,and anyone who wanted to serve him,or personally enslaved by his mental force.However the night elven's society formed a powerful alliance too,currently commanded by the great Demon Hunter,Illidan Stormrage,once regarded as a traitor for the night elves,he came back to help his brethrens.United in arms,both sides fight for the final prize:the occupation of Kalimdor.

The task of each player is to choose a hero from the large variety,it's side offers and help the commander(Illidan or Arthas) claim victory.The heroes are classed as:
-Tanks(which are very good in physical combat,and weaker in magic,but with a large amount of HP and resistance)
-Semi-tanks(fusion from tanks and assassins,these type of heroes are good in assaulting unguarded foes)
-Rangers(perfect for a ranged assault and single slaying from far distances)
-Assassins(powerful warriors,which rely on intelligent strategies to kill their enemies)
-Spellcasters(intelligent heroes,mostly based on the power of their spells.Very useful for assaulting enemies with deadly magic attacks and supporting allies)
-Semi-assassins(fusion between spellcasters and assassins.Good for assaulting and slaying with both magic and physical damage)

Now i will tell you about the gameplay system.You gain 2 gold/second,but if your keeper located in the forest is killed you wont gain gold/second anymore.Each creep killed gives you 90 gold and each tower 400.Heroes give gold depending on how the fight,if an enemy hero died by your hands with no efforts,you gain 100 gold,but if he/she died in strong combat you get with 10% more depending on it's level.The map does not have a leader board,because the number of killed heroes appear when each time you kill one ;).I made it like this to look different from any AoS map.Creeps and towers improves at every 3 minutes in the game,that means they get stronger and the same thing your hero should do!

Download: WOS 5.63c AI.w3x
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