February 26, 2016

Clash of Fire and Ice v1.0.2

Map Clash of Fire and Ice v1.0.2.w3x Created by Lign

- This map is inspired by DotA and Heroes of the Storm, where 2 teams (5 vs 5) fight each other and destroy other team's Castle.
- A special event will start when the heroes complete the objective, which can decide the outcome of the game.
- Included 48 heroes from my Treasure Hunter's Defense map.
- A new shop system allows each player to build their hero with different tactics.

- Each player start with a Wisp, which can quickly be selected by clicking the icon above the minimap.
- Using the Wisp with an extra inventory to store or immidiately transfer items to the hero, and most importantly, gain access to the minishops.
+There are total 6 minishops, which will open one by one if your hero reaches level 4, 8,12,16.
+With the first 4 minishops, each one of them has 2 tiers, once you buy an item from tier 01, it will be disabled and moved to tier 02, where you can upgrade the item you bought in tier 01. So BE CAREFUL EACH TIME YOU BUY AN ITEM FROM A TIER 01 MINISHOP, because there's no turning back.
+Items sold from level 16 minishops can be freely bought.
- There's an Sorcerer on the island at the top right corner, this is the place you can learn an extra spell for your hero. When you learn a new spell, it will replace your old spell.

- There's an ancient tomb filled with abandoned skeletons. The gateways to the tomb will open after 3 minutes when the game begin.
- Each time you you kill a skeleton, a Gem of Strength will be dropped. Collect them to gain gold and increase 1 strength for your team's Master.
- When all the skeletons are dead, the Lighting Revenant will appear at the end of the tomb, kill it to summon your team's Master. That's when Kil'jaeden and Arthas join the final battle.

- At the start of each lane there's a tavern, you can hire mercenaries to fight for you from there (with a right cost).
- Some units have special ability which can help you a lots in the battlefield.

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