February 23, 2016

Coconut Party v2.4

Map Coconut Party v2.4.w3x Created by Quilnez

Coconut Party is a quadruple threat pong based mini game. You gotta control one of Warcraft 3 workers and help them to win set of games which takes place on an isolated island. Coconut Party is a Warcraft 3 map which focuses to bring intense mini-gaming experience. It has various game modes and multi-leveled AI system along with other fancy features. The map is seriously fun, and can be quite competitive, either you play it online or offline.
Further details and explanations about the gameplay will be explained below.

Firstly you have to select to play as Peasant (red, south), Peon (blue, west), Acolyte (cyan, north), or Runner (purple, east). Player with lowest number will be the game host. The host has the authority to configure matches' options and AI skill level. The host can discuss about the next match in the Chat Mode (press 'esc" to exit the mode). If you are not the host, you have to wait for him to set things up. To begin the match, press "Game On" and the match will soon start within seconds.

Different game modes have different set of rules, which can be read in the Read Me (F9). In Classic Mode, the main objective is to collect as much points as possible by shooting coconuts at enemies' goal posts. Every goal made using different type of coconuts will give different portion of points. If you blow a poisoned coconut (green) you will be penalized.

In the Elimination Mode, your main goal is to retain your Life Point (LP) and survive as long as possible and to be the last one to stand. Final score will be determined by your ranking. If you are the winner, you will get 15 points bonus plus your remaining LP. Unlike tho other modes, this mode kinda requires you to be very discipline on defending your base or you will lose.

In the Gorilla Fight mode, your main objective is to defeat the spawned gorilla by shooting coconuts at it. The harder your shoot the more damage you will give. But if a coconut enters anyone's goal post, the damage will be shared to all players. So make sure you have a good team. Final score will be determined by assist count, damage given, damage taken, and remaining LP. If you are the last hitter, you will be rewarded by free 5 points. If your team is out of LP, you will lose the match and don't get any bonus.

- Gold coconut value is reduced to 5
- Increased bounce power on elimination mode
- Fixed gorilla match lose message font color
- Increased sounds effects and music volume
- Reduced iron coconut spawn rate
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