February 11, 2016

Last Battle Wars 4.55 AI

Map Last Battle Wars v4.55 AI - LastBattle 4.55-AI.w3x created by Zephyr (Chinese)
Reincarnation Wars 4.55 AI  - 轮回战记4.55 AI
Map language: Chinese

Added a new hero - a hero. 104 - 
2. Modify the skeleton lords Wang Yingxiong hill narrative. 
3. Modify the king of the hill narrative skills typesetting. 
4. Modify the king of the hill W skills to produce the ice wall of the detention duration is now: 0.3 → 0.1. Which is more in line with the skills hampered by the description but not completely confined to the place. 
5. Add a new mechanism: three-way now to destroy enemy barracks after all one's own Near / Far combat soldiers get permanent enhancement, an additional 200 health and 35 attack power. Such three-way for the destruction of one's own advantage more, but not before, like in certain line-up on the enemy has many resources, increase the possibility of comeback. 
6. Added a mechanism now when the fighting began, the time becomes 6:00 unity. -DR Time mode unstable situation will not occur again. 
7. Now creeps invincible time was 50 seconds after the start of the battle to prevent the hero Road sidewalk to eat quickly creeps into two lines and then pressed the case to the TP. 
8. melee soldier level 2 return again to ease the single line hero level increases too quickly resulting in the case of multiplayer experience rolling line; the same, all the heroes to 25 slow down time, eliminate the mid-level and full of premature resulting in a stalemate situation, the overall speed up the pace of the game. 
9. Modify the Union 方主基 Life recovery rate, now amended as follows: Always recovery, only daytime per 0.75 → recovery, 3 sec. 
10. Modify the Legion 方主基 Life recovery rate, now amended as follows: always recover, per night is only 0.75 → recovery, 3 sec. 
11. Modify the Union side barracks, workshops, mysterious holy life recovery rate, now revised as follows: None → only daytime recovery, per second. 
12. Modify the Legion square crypt, slaughterhouses, cursed temple life recovery rate, now revised as follows: None → restored only at night, per second. 
13. Modify all heroes attack delay, now 0.25 → 0. Heroes now use H & R skills more fluent.
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