February 05, 2016

Ninja Scroll v1.3i

Map Ninja Scroll v.1.3 (i).w3x ; Uploaded by: PoWerJin

Inspired from 'Elimination Tournament', 'Blades n Gore', 'Warlock' and probably from watching too much anime, i present you the fastest Arena map in WCIII. Its a teamgame (Red vs Blue), but of course you can enjoy also 1on1 in 'duel' mode. You can choose between 7different Ninjas: Fire,Water,earth,Storm,Wind, Light and Darkness. But dont worry, the gameplay is very simple and easy because every ninja has the same 4 distinct abilities, except for one more, which is his ultimate. At the beginning it can be confusing because you will die VERY fast, this is not a "chill game", you need to focus every second in order not to die. The essential part of this game is to jump and hide in the trees. Thats right, they can give you invis and a jump ability. You can also confuse your oponent by different items you can buy, for example "Wood-puppet", which allows you to create a copy of your ninja.

Q Quickslash - The Ninja slahes around him, instant damage in a smal area.
W Dash - The Ninja dashes forward, dealing damage in a line. If casted while flying, you will dash into the ground instead, dealing +20 damage and stun evereyone around your Ninja.
E Dagger - Throws a poisonous dagger which deals damage and slows the enemy for 2.5 seonds on impact.
R Shuriken-hook - Throws a shuriken to a target location that hooks the first unit it encounters on the way.
T Ultimate.

F Jump - Allows you to jump from a tree, the further you click the further you jump, however there is maximal range.

However there are smal changes in damage/cooldown when it comes to balance. Also they have not the same Hitpoints - each Nina is unique on its own.

3 modes: 
Steal the scroll: Captue the flag like game, instead of flags you have to capture a scroll. Capture 4 times in order to win.
Teamdeathmatch (Duel): Play against eachother. First to 6 rounds in order to win.
Dragonegg: Try to steal an egg from a dragon, but be aware of the pirates around this island. If you have 3 eggs, you win the game.

3D knockback system
Realistic Gore/Blood effects which interact with the phsysic system
Over 15 items (traps/potions/Illusions)
Observer Modus
Different arenas to choose in Duel modus
Camera Options from 'warlock' example (-cam 800)
Imported 3D sound effects
3D camera shake system
Realistic dagger/Ninja - animation conflict interactions
Dynamic hook and usage of spells while jumping

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