February 10, 2016

Shango TW Winter Edition V5.3.w3x

Map Shango TW Winter Edition v5.3.w3x Created by Dane ; Uploaded by: DaneTheBeast

Version 5

- More doodads
- Added floating text
- Custom map preview
- Added an ability to see enemy income
- Workers now teleport back when they leave the region
- Fixed creeps not being sent
- Fixed creeps destroying the whole maze
- Nerfed hero builder
Shango Tower Wars Winter Edition is a map made by me with the help of many others. While I was playing the original version of Shango I thought how awesome would it be to change some things to make the map better and more fun, this is why I started learning World Editor and began reworking the map. Today it is ,I would say, in good shape and much better than before. I am posting it here to Hive for feedback on balance and other things. Currently it has 11 different races/builders, 4 teams each with 2 players, a give-gold system, zoom command, kick command, 3 shrines to send from, -income command to check it at any time, -day and -night command, -clear command. To view your teammates income just select one of his buildings since income is displayed where lumber normally is. Gameplay consists of building a maze to stop the creeps from reaching the fountain, sending creeps to defeat your opponents and try to get the highest income. Creeps spawn in the middle when sent and move to corresponding checkpoints trying to reach the end. Shango is the orisha of drumming, dancing, thunder, fire, male virility, and magnetism.

  • White Dots [Spawn] - When a player from a team sends creeps they will spawn at every other spawn except his. If a team is not playing or is dead, creeps won't be sent to that team.
  • Yellow Dots [1st Checkpoint] - This is where the creeps that were sent will first try to move. It is recommended that you build your maze around this checkpoint.
  • Blue Dots [2nd Checkpoint] - After they have touched the 1st checkpoint they will aim for the second. You can also build around this one.
  • Red Dots [Fountain] - When they touch the fountain you lose 1 life, when 40 creeps enter you lost, you can stay or leave the game.
Map cannot be played without another human player.

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