February 26, 2016

Shjn Survivor v3.8 Extra

Map Shjn Survivor v3.8 Extra - Guardian Annals 3.8 Ruby - 守护纪年 3.8 Extra - SHJN3.8Extra.w3x - by China member (Chinese)
New Fate / Extra CCC reborn hero joined the game. The new Legend of Heroes items empty into the game. Replace the most unclear and ambiguous icon. Now the addition of longitudinal bone fire burning have a more accurate description. Movies now described Yue Fei Ling China have accurate ring effect. Snowy road now do not need to fall directly synthesized. Now mercenaries were canceled, all the skills to be transferred to them sacred.You can now directly select Sasuke. You can now directly select Yahiko. Now you can directly select twilight gladiolus, simultaneously redo and optimization. Now you can directly select Kawasaki mad when three (Hanayome). Zhi Yuan Lu now only summon four field BOSS offensive help. Now you can view the attack bonus hostile units. Now the real dragon will fall directly instead of falling dragon gauntlets gauntlets. Now drop water directly rather than imitation of God halberd. Whirlwind will now fall directly instead destroyer. Now fall directly seize Crafts sickle instead of Heavenly Sword. Now the fate of the drill will fall directly without the need for synthesis. A stage will now fall directly rather than rock armor choke throat. Now it will directly fall foam milkshake wine rather than beer and cheese. Adjusted billboard daughter sell items, some objects into fall. Optimization skills fluency Oshino tolerate. Cancel the sale feathers hat, rock armor. Cancel the talent set and canceled purchase gift set.Cancel agile addition to the moving speed. Scarecrow restored back to the blood velocity.Details of the map of the environment. Fine-tuning the refresh position GOLD position and attack soldiers. Trimming a part of special effects and performance effects. Increase the size of the two hidden stores. He raised the stun time, but many can not be stunned stunner within 2 seconds. Raised prices without completely different glasses. Cut the strengthening crit BOSS crit damage. Tornado cut mysterious cattle town of the shackles of time. Devil lowered the chances of obtaining the property, and fixes typos. 

  • Fixed attack speed is abnormal after night sword of God ten incense transfiguration. 
  • Fixed problem when no name prompted some to obtain the title. 
  • Fixed an attack creeps wrong question. 
  • Fixed an Zhi Yuan Lu Zhi Yuan Lu and really attack the wrong question. 
  • Fixed gold mine will not explode problem. 
  • Fixed steal money the wrong question. Caton Kawasaki mad three-game lead when corrected. 
  • Fixed an Quixote heal the wrong question. 
  • Fixed Uchi Houbara late game Caton problem can not be corrected Ake Thor ultimate learning skills issues. 
  • Fixed Xier Wei unable Get A grade goods issue. 
  • Fixed a result of the transformation skill bounce game. 
  • Fixed a typo when the dance. 
  • Fixed an unlimited stacking Wang Yi mirror problem. 
  • Fixed bug winds ghost upgrade without additive. 
  • Fixed an issue Bu Leike color redness. 
  • Raytheon visor Fixed text errors. 
  • Fixed seal must destroy damage error and adjusted. 
  • Fixed HL trial cause serious game Caton problem. 
  • Fixed Bu Leike spiritual power mode causes the game to flash back problems. 
  • Fixed a kill BOSS cause game Caton. Fixed Kawasaki mad when three skills lead to a reverse effect and cause flash back problems. 
  • Fixed game Caton snow caused a problem. Fixed an Guanxing and late game Hatsune Caton problem. 
  • Fixed an Lihua play the late game Caton problem. 
  • Fixed an Asuna release multiple skill late game Caton problem.
  • Fixed Charlotte blew not return goods problem. ...
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