February 08, 2016

Sword Monogatari 1.7B

Map Sword Monogatari 1.7B

Author: Super Oscar (Cd)

Map size: 37.85MB
Supported: 1.24E-1.26 (8M patch) support persons: 1-6
Map Language:Chinese

Repair three R mad skills errors and fixes Q W dynamic concept of problem, problem determination and skills described as consistent repair cannon sister R, some modifications now better Kazuto talent than previously modified layer BOSS skills will lead to 35 problems taking clothes out of the wall to improve the skills of the damage must modify sword ~ ​​W ~ absolutely no harm in modifying sword gifted problem put a model out Sister, do not choose, do not blame the moon in the water can not brush, will be fixed later amended Some equipment does not meet the description of the problem and some are equipped with writing skills, there are still no trigger effects, but in the future will gradually pay back now make up one toy to remove the problem of a few ...

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