February 10, 2016

The World season 3 v18b2 - twrpgS3v0.18b2.w3x

Map The World season 3 v0.16b English version - twrpgS3v0.16b_eng.w3x by Keekero Original Developer: Keekero

Patch Notes

1. Character 
Berserk madness damage power x25 multiples of changes
Palace delete myunbeu

rolled back to 0.17h

gunggeukgi x550 magnification power changes / x100 additional damage taken power in a range of 250 points

roll back to 0.17h 
for the duration gunggeukgi more than any state except ignored - namely fraud (uniforms are ignored instant death)

T 1000 reduced maximum range 
sniper R cooldown 8.5 seconds -> 6 seconds to change 
add one second stun R Skills

R smokescreen skill Magical Defense 7% decline deleting

The so-called 
mate cooldown reduced by 2 seconds and soul recover 30% upward

Ice Wizard 
gunggeukgi Ice Age 2 seconds duration increased 
R skill cooldown reduction in five seconds

Illegal use 
to roll back to 0.17h

Wind Judiciary 
gunggeukgi summoned minions and then use the range 750 to apply a protective layer of intelligence x5 (lasts 4 seconds) at the back 

change the probability w Damage 3% x Skill Stack

gunggeukgi spirits duration reduced to 3 seconds of chaos

2. Item

Non Lissajous figure
rolled back to 0.17h

Staff of the rulers 
change to the attack rate of 30%

roll back to 0.17h

Boots Slayer 
Critical Drain 0.1-fold change

Frost vane 
bow master only effect - Freezing shot proportional change to the 25 + 2.2x Agility skill level, strengthening

Poison fantasy sword lakh Shah 
to roll back to 0.17h

Pure Crystal Wing 
roll back to 0.17h

Oris bloody armor crew 
to roll back to 0.17h

Elemental dagger

Damage 23500 
moneung 1450 
attack speed by 20% 
seudem 9% increase 
every 4 seconds ruler Breath 
special effects wind Xuan T Horn skill change 
3 times a horn hit friendly units are immune to 4 seconds, all debuff after the end of all Horn of effect (ie excluding fraud)

Add Berserker Special Options

Berserk died instantly disregard for the duration equip 

3. Raid Boss 
Death Fiend 
Summon way to change

Cancer Dragon said Norbert 
strength 29.821 million -> 26.36 million

He said Norbert welcoming body 
fitness 9.6802 million -> 8.1256 million 
15 seconds for each incremental damage reduction rate of 10% -> 5% 
strength of seeds explode when it touches the welcome darkness to recover body reduced by 50%

Shadow Breath
Fixed damage values ​​15000> 12500

Black Dragon Tan (ie fraud) 
Cool down 30 seconds -> 35 seconds
4. Fixed a bug 
Kobold outpost - Kobold Commander durable leather helmet drop to change the lack of 
Carly D. Woods - Furbolg Giant Giant Drop to change the Bow 
Sniper Flame Explore former Special Options R movement speed reduction is activated should not remove bug fixes 
Heartseeker wear Use the arrow should not be modified after the death of a fallen 
Mad Clownfish floats busy moving bug fixes, 
bug fixes that are recognized in the warehouse boss skill 
depin bug fixes servants skill ansseuneun

5. Other 
loading screens and Cafe Address Change

Download: twrpgS3v0.18b2.w3x
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