March 23, 2016

Attack Of The Lunatics 0.47d

Map Attack Of The Lunatics 0.47d Created by Troy ; Uploaded by: troylowyee

AOTL is a hero seige map where you must defend the king and battle forward to destroy the enemies base.
Destroying the buildings stop their unit production. The town is actually being raided by insane orcs
and undeads, you have to go to the heart of their base and find out what is causing them to be aggressive
and insane and destroy that source. This game requires teamwork and roles such as healer, damager and support
are extremely essential.
1)Upgrade Troops system: anyone can upgrade the alliances troops and anyone can donate money to the alliance or stop their unit production as it costs money.

2)Boss spells: bosses have unique spells to make the gameplay hard. Spells are dodgeable.

3)Unique spells: Heroes and even (some) enemy creeps all have custom made spells that are unique and are scaled based on stats

4)The spells are also stat based to make the spells applicable in late game.

5)Anyone can also use the King to defend

Download: AOTL ver 0.47d.w3x
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