March 27, 2016

Dimensional CYZC 6.7

Map Dimensional CYZC v6.7 - CYZC6.7ZSB.w3x - 6.7 official version of The beginning of the sub-element 6.7 storms
次元之初6.7风暴降临 作者:彼此的云端
Category: Hero Arena
Sasaki Kojiro, UW colleagues - colleagues in · Item: causal Stone: price raised to 300 
1. Fix the end of the enemy only 5,000 gold BUG, ​​actual murder + end total of 7,000 gold coins. 
2. Add the cannon sister, saber, mocking sound 
3. For the black and white bear blew into a real injury. 
4.F2 full size store system set
System set: 
1. Open the anti-gravity gun (W): CD: 30 → 20 Miao Miao Newton balls (W): CD: 30 → 20 Miao Miao 
2. red pupil instantaneous body · chop (E): a direct result of the BUG repair damage after a night raid strengthening (R): strengthening BUG unrepaired 
3. Golden wood runaway (E): after breaking free of their own death is no longer around to inflict damage. 
4. Pickled Minglei (Q): Repair strengthen invalidated

Map size: 46.76 MB

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