March 23, 2016

Dimensional CYZC v6.5

Map Dimensional CYZC v6.5 - CYZC6.5.w3x - 6.5 official version of the beginning of the second element
次元之初 6.5 正式版 - 作者:彼此的云端
Category: Hero Arena
6.5 Update Heroes: Demon - Homura Akemi, hidden heroes - University - Ensaka Rin items: 
1. Halloween type Constantine: CD text matching BUG repair 
2. Jinkela cancel non-switchable backpack results when Jinkela when upgrade to level 4, with falling property can not. 
System: 1. expression package to add four expressions (private mode) dynamic expression details
DESCRIPTION repair the foundation of some hero magic back to low BUG, ​​such as four generations, Nagisa, ten incense, and other heroes, all heroes are now adjusted to the magic back to 0.5 per 
3. replace the models and black rocks VVO 
4. Fixed Yakumo purple gap to the inside of the shrine temporarily removed BUG

Map size: 43.87 MB

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