March 30, 2016

Dream One Piece v3.9

 Map Dream One Piece official version 3.9 - U9_DreamPiece 3.9.w3x

梦想海贼王 3.9 正式版 作者:小寺
Has been resolved will crash as much as possible, and if finally will collapse if - then give this drawing ~ - Remove Bookstore - adjusted for gamers (6 -> 5) people - tasks: delicious - complete the second phase after the chance of getting a swordsman essence - Quest: Magellan commission - the chances to get the essence of the body after the completion of surgery - tasks: Magellan Principal - repair can only be completed once the question - removing 28 waves of monsters magic immune skills - repair reincarnation, reincarnation can not be advanced property inheritance, and the ability to obtain additional (after reincarnation back to 1 and so an additional 10 skill points) (50 directly after reincarnation, etc. can not inherit property so we changed back 1, etc.) - images no longer get points (points by a copy of the task to obtain ) - new decomposition essence (the essence of the material will break down into money) modify aspects of the plot area ultimate test of a modified copy - a copy of a strange way to optimize the ultimate test of - Add class B trials demons, and adjust the copy of the battlefield to re-create ancient award - Add NPC dialogue, a free copy of the modified content items change aspects - remove equipment identification - flying wings, violent and suits, weather stick shelves - hook jade runner, rose suit removed soul Reaper - swordsman cream, body cream shop no longer trafficking operation
- Fix a head cap can not be synthesized issue - gold foil directly open later - pirates Kit (+1 to +10) property adjustment and upgrading of metal material change to God - king of soul Price (12 -> 4.8) Renaissance - king soul strengthening (10 -> 5) million and the success rate (40 -> 30)% - the soul of the king of the fusion (20 -> 10) Wan - ancient essence integration needs (22 -> 20) point - Pluto integration needs (31 -> 25) point - onyx convertibility reset - bungee Potion integration needs (20 -> 5) point hero aspect Luffy modify, Luigi shaving (700-> 850) from the new hero: Bartolomeo Replacing part of the hero avatar yellow ape - R technology repair did not confer Buff problem Sanji - QWR technology to re-create Sanji - ET technology to optimize blue pheasant - Q technology to optimize blue pheasant - W TECHNOLOGY additional freezing effect (can be removed) green pheasant - E technical remake green pheasant - R technology to optimize the calculation time frozen green pheasant - T technology frozen change mandatory, can not in any way relieve the green pheasant - T technology narrow ...

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?2vt57bjtc9oeq79
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