March 05, 2016

G Hero Giakyo 1.93a

Map G Hero Giakyo 1.93a.w3x by Shaggy (Update March/11/2016)
Feedback to me in: giakyo0985965@yahoo.com

--Only version 1.93a (the other version is a little different).
--Armor and weapon types: the simplest example is
Chaos damaging an "the armor Small, Medium, Large, Fortified, Normal, Hero" is 100%.
Chaos damaging an "armor Divine" is 50%. (Chaos against Divine: 50%)
Chaos damaging an "armor Unarmored" is 400%. (Chaos against Unarmored: 400%)
when "Chaos" against "Divine", the "Chaos" damage 5x "Damages of types other weapon"
Modify by Chippy, Giakyo
Items combine, set items, quests, reset level hero, buy skill,...
Welcome !!
+ Basic Walkthrough:
Completion of the successful defense in 120 minutes (EASY mode); or kill boss in order 1.2, 3 marked with red ink (SUPERMAN mode).
Just caught the end 12 Boss1 breaking "the reproductive" "creep" (marked in blue ink in order from left to right), or played for 120 minutes. For example: just attack was "the reproduction 1" when finished destroying "the reproduction 2".

+ The formula upgrade "item":
Wings, Dame, Hp, Armor, Mana can be upgraded to add one grade jade BLESS (50% success, failures are gone). Visit lv5 can upgrade jade CREATION (50% success, failure is not lost anything).
For example, level 1 + BLESS = Wings Wings level 2 (the ratio is 50%)
Wings level 2 + BLESS = Wings level 3 (ratio of 50%)
Wings Wings level 4 level 3 + BLESS = (ratio of 50%)
Str1, Agi1, INT1 can be upgraded to add one grade jade SOUL, CHAOS, STONE, LIFE.
Example: str1 + SOUL = str2
Str2 + SOUL = Str3
Str3 + CHAOS = Str4
Str4 + CHAOS = Str5
Str5 + CHAOS = Str6
Str6 + STONE = STR7
etc ..
Category: Hero Defense
Tileset: Icecrown Glacier
Dimensions: 96x160
Playable Area: 84x148
Recommended Players: 1-6 Hero
Size: 5992.5 KB

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