March 20, 2016

Glory of the Horde 24.5

Map Glory of the Horde v24.5.w3x by Panther-Anthro, Clan KOSD

Glory of the Horde 24.5: Undone Instance

Major Changes:
- Reduction of size of map to some degree due to removals of instances in certain places.
- removed instanced ironforge, consolidated all spawns in IF into IF proper or Lower IF. So 1 base vs 1 base.
- Reterrained Kul'tiras, Crestfall, Ironforge region, and Gnomergan
- Major performance increase.

Glory of the Horde 24.3E: Changelog
- Fixed some preformance issues in Northrend that should stabilize it's frame rates a bit more.
- When the main defensive tower of Nerubians or Burning Legion falls it also opens the northern Azjol Nerub Portal. (Leagel)
- Gilnean Musketmen had the wrong heavy shot ability they now have the right ability.
- Valimar Mordis now actually transforms into his intended full hero form.

Glory of the Horde, is based upon a 'what-if' the Orcs had won Warcraft II, using this assumption, a tapestry unfolds, and creates a new world, set within the confines of a Ravaged Azeroth

Category: Campaign
Tileset: Ashenvale
Dimensions: 416x416
Playable Area: 404x404
Recommended Players: 12
Size: 6919.4 KB

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