March 28, 2016

God tomb grave Magic 2.1

Map God tomb grave Magic Heroes 2.1 destination - U9_神坟魔墓Ⅲ2.1版.w3x

神坟魔墓2.1英雄的归宿 - 作者:黑咖
OF: black coffee
Map size: 14.28MB
Blade repair space can not send BUG repair defenders hero can not attack BUG, ​​unable to move BUG, ​​BUG can not magic skills to repair special forces can not attack BUG, ​​can not cast skills BUG, ​​repair captain commando attack BUG, ​​can not cast skills BUG, ​​to increase the difficulty and special forces special forces captain every turn to do to strengthen the increase of forest insects per death once again strengthened to increase the Story mode stiff exclusive hundred percent increase deblocking: the need for the soul of ice and ice crystal 'needs kills to 4000 "and then pick up the ice again soul automated synthesis: as cold ice crystal types of evil shield BUG yet to resolve: to ignore when he can, and I need some time!Repair ..... forgot to update ......... "do not want to say the trouble." Explanation: The increase in the closed system when the input cheat cheats game and exit the system was found ...

Download: Game2e.com GTGM 2.1.w3x
Mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/?kcx5ip6pm2dvjh4
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