March 06, 2016

Life of a Dragon Sequel v2.1

Map Life of a Dragon Sequel v2.1.w3x by Christopher10
Two hundred years after Life of a Dragon...

Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
Dimensions: 256x224
Playable Area: 244x212
Recommended Players: Recommend Full
Size: 6102.4 KB

Life of a Dragon Sequel 2.1 is the successor to the previous Life of a Dragon. Although previous versions of Life of a Dragon Sequel have been known throughout the Wc3 Roleplay Community they were always filled with numerous bugs, unbalanced, and incomplete content that I've abandoned upon the last made version, 1.1, 4 years prior.

I've since returned... And gave Life of a Dragon Sequel an upgrade likened to an Expansion Pack. Including numerous Changes, Additions, Tweaks, Alterations, Balances, Fixes, and much more!

Life of a Dragon Sequel is a Roleplaying Map, featuring numerous positions. The main gameplay revolves around the first five player slots known as "Chosen Dragons". While also including a "Dragon Slayer" a "Dragon Catcher", an entire "Human Kingdom" and "Fel Empire" as well as a "Mercenary" choice.

F9 holds very helpful, grammar correct, Guides and Information. With numerous Commands for In-game Mechanics and Roleplaying.

Chosen Dragon gameplay revolved around the player, a recently born hatchling, having greater potential than all other dragons and the ability to Grow. You grow at certain level intervals, but soon you'll have to choose a Color/Element to proceed. Gender Choice with a full working Mating System.

Slayer and Catcher are Human Heroes with their own unique abilities and Upgradable Weapons. Slayer is Melee Based Male Hero, while Catcher is a Range Based Female Hero with the ability to capture "Chosen Dragons".

Kingdom and Empire are vast nations, the Kingdom controls a majority of the region while the Fel Empire being the vice versa of the Kingdom.

Mercenary is likened to Slayer and Catcher, with the exception of being able to choose a Hero he/she will like to be.

The Game has a strict Hero Revival System. Where Dragon players (After a certain Mercy Level) will only have one free resurrection and then they are one-life only. Kingdom, Empire, Slayer, and Catcher have Altars, but they cannot be rebuilt when destroyed. While Mercenary has a 'Chance System' where upon death, they are brought back to the Hero Selection area.

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