March 28, 2016

Naruto fetters v6.6

Map Naruto fetters official version 6.6

火影忍者羁绊6.6正式版 作者:怕你更伤心
The new increase in combination: [Will] product - [with soil, Uchi Houbara, absolutely] 2. New composition: [Xiao Organization] - [Xiao ten roles] Hero update: 1. additional roles: absolute ( originally did not intend that this hero because lacks skill - -!!! but the group of small partners are notoriously poor Xiao said a defect is simply complement the dawn) 2. adjust sai [thunder god] original agility attack 30-45 times. Adjusted for the agile 25-35 times!3. Adjust the angle [Ray escape pseudo Dark] hurt the original 40 \ 50 times adjusted to 40 \ 80-fold 4. Adjust the fly section [the death growl] damage to the original 30/60 50/90 times adjusted to 5. Neji original [Bagua back days] replace [soft boxing. gossip scattered strike] 6. Neji original [Bagua, sixty-four palm] replace [Bagua. back to the days] 7. Neji original [ Sophie boxing gossip scattered strike] replaced. to [Bagua. Bagua sixty-four palm] 8. Tsunade's [body surgery. chaotic body punch] chance to refresh the original 40/80% adjusted to 80/90% 9. Tsunade the [body surgery. castle foot] 325 times the original injury was adjusted to 425 times 10. scorpion [red Cheats. one hundred drill machine] adjusted for the group injury, death is no longer a puppet disappeared 11. Ding times significantly reduce the skills CD 12 Ding times [butterfly bomb crit] 150 times the original damage was adjusted to 250 times / spread to harm the former 75 times / 180 times adjusted to 13. Ding times [relentless] hurt by a 380-fold to 500-fold 14. the two adjustments generations present Naruto [fly Raytheon beheaded surgery] cooldown reduced copy of the adjustment: 1. God-given pain ┗BOSS time appears to accelerate. ┗ mobs attacked and blood deep cuts deep cuts ┗ ┗BOSS blood money settlement slightly increased property ...

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