March 18, 2016

Naval Battle v1.39b

Map Naval Battle - v1.39b Created by TKF ; Uploaded by: TKF

Latest 1.39b Changelog:
  • AI will now control afk players (bugfix)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI to randomly fire to often
  • Fire resistance item will now also reduce fire damages
  • Fixed an AI waypoint bug
  • Smaller bug fixes
Short Description: This is an intense AOS ship game that requires skills to sink your opponents. Unlike other Battleships maps with autofire with weapons, this map do purely have 100% manual cannon fire in this fun cannonball game. The map also feature ship boarding.

AOS/RPG Style: While fighting the enemy empire, you have the option to open the supply route from motherland, travelling outside the main area to search for treasures in the west in the forbidden waters or to the east on the open ocean. Fighting the neutral hostile pirates might give you some extra gold you need to win the game.

This map has a unique cannon combat system makes this map unique from other ships AoS/Battleships maps you have played where you trigger the shots by your hand and feel the joy when you make a lot of hits. The maps cannon system that makes this kind of a "snowball" game you can enjoy many hours of fun gameplay along with other players.

You can try out numerous of tactics such as doing short range tactic for successful hits, long range combat, fire based cannons to make enemy ships burn, boarding tactics, capture empire ships, ramming, trading, exploring hidden areas of the map etc... or you can just focus where the action happens.

This map has similar terrain to the battleships maps. Although it has shocking similarity to the battleships when you start the game, most items are remade and all weapon based items is replaced. My main intent with this map is to give battleships a more realistic cannon system which makes this more fun multiplayer game with a slower pace and a much different gameplay from the normal battleships maps

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