March 31, 2016

New Wing Dream Halloween Madness 2

 Map New Wing Dream Halloween Madness 2 Author: black

新翼之梦2疯狂万圣节 - 作者:小黑
Add two new heroes: Magic \ small crystal of God 2: Kuriyama future R skills vampire effect halved game update: 1: wolf BOSS copy time appears to speed up the ninth wave 2: Add three new world BOSS, can be obtained after defeating part artifact, you can go after 30 waves challenge 3: copy wilderness design which can go out to play, over 40 waves cancel restrictions emerge 4: surface design code summon animals play ball skills elemental lords do not trigger 5: Exclusive gemstone renamed life 6:38 gem wave uncle plot accelerate to 31 wave appears 7: replace the original 8 BGM, and add three BGM 8: adding random play BGM system command: -AP 9: add cohesion system, the player married in nearby words will get intimate value, the value of intimate exchange for property and equipment props, game player after marriage, if the two sides in the vicinity, then 1 point every 10 seconds intimacy, intimacy to reach may get a good reward after 100 to be use props and other equipment in exchange for intimacy 10: sheep later added at the village 11: add a new hidden marriage effect: spring of this side + small crystal of God: spring of this side effect is talent plus money increased by 0.5-fold increase in small talent plus attributes of God crystal effect 0.5 times 12: adding egg copy of Phoenix, Phoenix egg collecting large numbers of people can find redemption Phoenix wings 13: R mode most of the terrain delete modify save space appears as a unified region 14: Add pumpkin and pumpkin feast straight dinette equipment, intimate value

You can redeem BUG FIX: 1: half repair some summons maximum health less of BUG 2: repair E skills Ka Eka no effect 3: methods to repair the souls of dependents, Rune enchantment obtained exist BUG, ​​sometimes can not get 4: repair face code spiritual body skills partially spent BUG ...

Map size: 24 MB

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