March 16, 2016

Robot City v2.4.4c [ENG]

Map Robot City v. 2.4.4c [ENG] Created by N7‡Molo†™ & N7‡Hun†er™ ; Uploaded by: Molot

Authors of the map:
N7 Molot (Kolotovkin Constantine) - an idea that forces objects, features, AI system test.
N7 Hunter (Manvel Margaryan) - the idea of the landscape
Artem Kalinin - test

Are words of the author:
Team fight:
Players are divided into two teams and battle command to command. After the extermination of the team announced the winning team.
On balance it is too early, but I'm working on it diligently. Already read the balance of the formula. It primarily depends on the damage per second, after the change will go on the basic characteristics of the hero. As long as they are equal, but the damage and protection varies. In the beginning, it plays a big role, but then can turn the top down. Be careful.

Possible mistakes:
• AI character can freeze in place, but not for long
• during the duel might accidentally die audience and duel ends
• During the arena when all will die and you will be left alone,
or someone from the players list the "-end" and the arena is completed. If it does not work, so not all killed.
• During tvt may not be equal to the number of players. Maybe after some time extra player will transfer to another team, but it is possible that it will remain in place, but will the nearby enemy team.
• During the arena duel or you will have allies who perhaps will beat you.

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