March 16, 2016

TKoK Eastern Kingdom 3.3.3g - TKoK_Eastern-333g.w3x

Map TKoK - Eastern Kingdom - 3.3.3g - TKoK_Eastern-333g.w3x Created by Crimson Creations Team ; Uploaded by: PheoniX_VII

The Eastern Kingdom of Kaliron 3.3.3g  --(Suggested 3 players or more)-

What is TKoK? - TKoK (short for The Kingdom of Kaliron) is a multiplayer save/load RPG designed for 4 to 7 players that features many ground breaking systems to give you a whole new experience unlike most other RPGs for WarCraft 3.

TKoK Eastern Kingdom 3.3.3e changelog

Chat Commands:

  • -bind - Allows to re-bind the chat commands to player's liking. The syntax is: -bind command1 replacement1[;command2 replacement2 ... commandN replacementN]. Example: -bind inv i. This will make -i act same as -inv. This command is experimental and you may use it on your own risk.
  • -laststat (-ls). Displays a full stat data from the last done boss fight. Note: This chat command can't be re-bind by using -bind chat command!
  • -spsi - allows to adjust the stat point spend increment (determines how many stat points will be spent per click). Syntax: -spsi [n1 [n2 ... nN]] where n is your wished stat point spend increment.
    • If you enter no value, stat point spend increment is auto-set to 1.
    • If you enter multiple values, you will setup a queue. It means that the stat point spend increment will be set to the first value written, then, after any stat is clicked, it will be spent and auto re-setted to the next element in queue.
    • Typing the -spsi again will clear current queue and assign a new one which you will set when you re-type -spsi.
  • -rewards - displays and pings the map of all turn in points for finished quests you have not claimed.
  • -qitems - displays which player has quest items and which ones are held.
  • -clear or z (no dash) - clears all chat text.
  • -rm - resets the damage meters for your hero.
  • -suicide - kills your hero instantly (in case you are stuck or something).
  • -fog - toggle on/off the fog (requires entering a new zone when turning back on).
  • -music - toggle on/off the music (requires entering a new zone when turning back on).
  • -cview - cycle through camera viewing options.
  • -cdist - cycle through camera distance to target options. Also allows the syntax: -cdist n where n is the number of wished camera distance. It must match the condition: 800 ≤ n ≤ 4000.
  • -m1 -m2 -mc - 3 commands for the target marking system, Red, Blue, Clear.
  • -inv - shortcut to open inventory.
  • -tt - shortcut to open talent tree.
  • -totals - display all damage and healing totals.
  • -status - dump display of all hero status effect counters (helps with debugging / bug reporting).
  • -cct - displays current time left in combat.
  • -hcmb - hides the DPS/HPS multiboard.
  • -check - checks if you typed a password of last saved hero in game correctly. This helps if you have local files disabled. The syntax is: -check Your-Hero-SaveCode
  • -load - allows to load a hero, if you haven't picked any so far. The syntax is: -load [Your-Hero-SaveCode]. It also can be used in another way. Type -load in a chat message. Press Enter. Then type your hero save code and press Enter again. Your hero will be loaded if your password is correct.
  • -repick - allows to repick a hero. Warning! This won't work if you have confirmed (or loaded) your hero choice!
  • -hicons - allows to toggle hero icons displaying (shows them if they are hidden or hides them if they are shown). The icons which are influenced by this chat command are located at the left of the game screen. The icon of the hero you own won't disappear.
  • -lastpass - displays the last generated savecode for your hero in current game.
  • -goodbye - the chat command used in the emergency cases to end the chat with NPC.
  • -glow - enables or disables hero glowings. Do not work on some heroes.
  • -color - a command for a limited number of players which enables or disables their special nickname color.
  • -stats - shows the values of your hero's primary stats with a floating point.
  • -cct - displays a time remaining to exit the in-combat state for your hero.
  • -savecd - displays how much time you need before you can save again without quitting a game.
  • -roll - prints a random number from 1 to 100. The syntax is: -roll [reason] where reason is any text which may explain why you typed -roll. This command can be very handy while deciding who gets an item or who uses which hero class in game, or similar arguements. This can solve it easily and without a dispute.
  • -timerdump - player Red only - displays all currently in use timers (helps with debugging).
  • -sab - shows or hides aggro bars for player.

Download: TKoK_Eastern-333g.w3x
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