March 22, 2016

Tribe TD v0.8

Map Tribe TD v0.8 Created by Squiggy

► Tribe TD is a Tower Defense Map, played the classic way of building towers around a fixed path enemy units walk down
► Some Messages still display Twisty TD - Tribe TD is the continuation of the abadonded Twisty TD
► Tribe TD is playable from 1 to 4 Players
► The Map features 30 Levels including a Mid-Boss and Special Levels
► Players can choose from 5 Races: Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, Undead & Critters
► Different Tech-Trees for each race
► A few Unique surprises (I hope)
► Secrets (soon)
► 5 Difficulties
► Towers focus enemy units
► Newbie-friendly (Video Tutorial)
► Over 60 Towers to choose from
► Over 50 abilites including active and passive ones
► 15+ Items to buy for your Towers
► 99.9% leak-free
► 142kbyte size

The Human Race is suitable for beginners.
It features an easy Tech-Tree, passive abilities and strong towers at relatively low cost.

The Orc Race is relatively easy to play.
Towers posess both active and passive abilities and can be improved using buyable Items.

Night Elves are the hardest Race in the game.
They contain very strong towers, but lategame content requires Players to have a wide variety of towers which are also able to cast abilities automatically or actively.


This race has only two Towers available.
The Base Towers can be improved with Items to e.g. deal more damage, add abilities or enable spellcasting.
Better Items cost more money and can be sold back to the Shrine.

Critters make use of an ability to fuse with certain units.
Building stronger towers like this is necessary to unlock the requirements for lategame content.

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