March 28, 2016

War of Sanctity II - WoS II 1.35b AI.w3x

Map War of Sanctity II - WoS II 1.35b AI.w3x Created by Alxen ; Uploaded by: Alxen345

Update log 1.35b
-added 5 new heroes
-added 3 new Legendary items
-fixed current found bugs
-drastically improved the terrain and visual effects
-balanced a little the AI and gameplay systems

You can play this map with other player or Computer (AI +++)

Author's note:This is the reborn of WOS 1.I called War of Sanctity 2 because of the drastically updates it suffered,bringing a whole new design for players.If some of the credits weren't mentioned,please tell me and I will post them.Your searching for a great AoS game mod available in Warcraft 3 engine,has finally ended.I assure War of Sanctity will offer you the awesome experience of a fantastically game,with unique champions,skills,incredible items and unseen features!
So dont wait anymore and download it!

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