April 12, 2016

Defend the fortress v1.1

Map New very hard to defend the fortress of God Repair 1.1 - Author: [zeta] & # ั ͡ޓއ新非常难守神之要塞1.1修 - 作者:ζั͡ޓއ&#
Add a new hero: Qianshan bird must strengthen the middle of the special troops!Remove the two copies to send the equipment! Remove the two useless to send a copy!Enhancing the XX class late soldiers of God! Replace the pathogen awakened character models! Fixed Moriie Naruto BUG fixes the curator of the wing put on the ground will disappear BUG fixes Kazuto Thunder heaven is running out of time to make a hit with a pole Kazuto become invincible player suddenly invisible BUG [ BUG] Since the excavations provided a copy of the protector of the villagers have serious BUG, ​​so remove the copy protector of the village! [BUG is the players continue to sink づ explore] Revised version: Fixes beginning Paladin flew hang BUG. Fixed defenders author too "6" [BUG players Xiangxi Pie six flower magic Είναι excavations BUG] Sorry, as do hurry, BUG bit more, against my person has been downloaded 0.0 ...
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