April 18, 2016

Dimensional CYZC 6.9

Map Dimensional CYZC v6.9 - CYZC6.9.w3x - The beginning of a new era of 6.9 times yuan次元之初6.9新时代 - 作者:彼此的云端
Category: Hero Arena
6.9 Update Heroes: Esther, seven nights Noriko Item 6.8: 1. The purchase of gold coins have been removed BUG has been fixed 2. Lost Christmas gift. 6.8 system: 1. improve the F2 fullscreen store system, will no longer appear in the F1 and F2 dislocation avatar BUG problems and issues BUG gold purchases. 2. Add the egg between Shelley and artillery sister 3. perfected -cam instruction, you can now make to the default Perspective Angle reply code +500. 4. Add a title, died more than 20 times, the title name: everyone RBQ, reward two wood 5. Aizen added to a hidden skill, and a free month of hidden state can directly kill invincible Aizen. 6. Fixed numbers OB 2 position of the small map ally display problems. 7. Ensaka Rin: game players have benefits package may preferences, open the next ordinary hand-selected title, eventually will be completely canceled hidden heroes set (PS: This is the sponsor's request) 8. start to each players have a toy additional volume. 9. One Piece treasure level adjusted to 7. 10. A new wave of female fish in the swamp location nearby has a vision, the whole perspective of FIG sell restored marsh fish when the boss will take the initiative to attack 1000 yards range of players, and will use the meteorite skills. Item 6.9: 1 to wave woman adds a dynamic title of the closing and opening button 2. Eye of the basic properties of the endless double into a 100-point bonus and HP 10:00 3. Full bonuses welfare egg pool krypton and golden eggs pool added a new card, the outsider type Unity sauce. 4. has been temporarily removed from the welfare egg faith pool. 5. Coat the gambling probability 66.66% down to 50% of the 6.9 system: 0. no natural skills to all the growth of a new hero F2 bonuses, opened a new era....
1. Fix the top right part of the hero's head panel display problems 
2. add a title: the first to get 20 assists players to get "a good teammate China" title, award two gems debris. 
3. Add a title: the first to kill the players' seal disadvantages by "get" why you are so skilled, "the title, award two gems debris. 
4. Add a title: the first to have to kill, "Why are you so skilled" players get "killed by white scientists" in the title, award a gem debris. 
5. Strengthening the scope of the attack waves woman, attack damage, as well as reduce the skills CD, skills will cause secondary damage, injury and a second range has been doubled into the official version of the map and external version, external version can be Figure C on other platforms, please download their own external package. 
(PS: the official version does not require an external packet can be 11 C in FIG entertainment platform or platform Netease choose to download)

Map size: 48.3 MB

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