April 04, 2016

Illidari v1.0

Map Illidari V1.0 Created by wa666r

Map Info:
Another Alternate melee in my series of maps involving lore races from the Warcraft universe. This addition allows the players to explore and play as the diverse race of Illidari.

The Illidari are the loyal servants of Illidan Stormrage, the lord of Outland. Many of factions and armies have been enticed to join Illidan during his ventures into Outland. Illidan's forcews began with the coalition of Satyrs banded together to serve. The Naga were granted to him by Queen Azshara herself. Quickly Illidan assembled the Blood Elves into his fold as they shared a similar destiny. After the Naga and Blood Elves managed to overtake the Black Temple, the Demons and Fel Orcs of the former lord, Magtheridon, pledged their loyalty to Illidan's will. Now with the combined forces of many powerful armies, the diverse battalions tread through the land and skies, defeating all that dare to object their lord and master Illidan.

Play as a new race, and behold the tactics and abilities to utilize their various strategies to bring the fight to the enemy.

- 4 Custom Heroes: Illidari Demon Hunter, Brutelord, Nightlord, and Defiler.
- a list of new items reflecting the Illidari faction.
- All custom units with a exemplary diverse combination, holding the most units out of any faction; 20.

Some Other Stuff:

Download: Illidari.w3x