April 18, 2016

Kichiku Wars 2.8 AI

Map Kichiku Wars v2.8 AI - Kichiku kaleidoscope full speech V2.8 official version
鬼畜万华镜全语音V2.8正式版 - 作者:愤怒の五爷

This map is because more than 40M, castrated version currently only able to establish normal host online gaming platform and in any local area network, the full version can only enter a host of others, the full version if you want to establish the host must be in the 11 million people in the room or platform against official Warcraft war platform RPG region other changes: hidden heroes seven anemone becomes optional equipment repair all issues green icon beautify action Aisawa light / Selei Si / 16 nights Torquay several models All Master role initial regen speed before adding 0.01 dog strengthening QB pull people shake reduced to 2 seconds QB contract volume increased to 0.7 per regen * skill level QB QB clerk reduce monetary rewards and reduce collisions sales volume QB increase innate skills, business can be eaten members heal QB remake of R skills, become direct damage skills, with the magic number of girl power associated Campanella 10 less initial attack Campanella E attack bonus per level reduced from 15 points to 10 à la the old wet D human cloning to 2.5 times the white Ray knife attack cooldown increased to 20 seconds offset damage Armor margin decreased slightly mad two spare IAS 33 percent increase in wind power growth Rao Valley from 2 to 16 nights Torquay 2.5 the whole property decreased by 4 points strength growth decreased to 2.4, the initial increase life 100 16 nights Torquay hearts station damage from 110X to 100X skill level reduces the skill level of the brake 16 nights Torquay live from additional damage every punch holes 1.2 times to 1.02 times reduced intelligence intelligence 16 nights Torquay grudge call method reduces mana, CD shorter, judgment becomes high 16 nights Torquay new home music scene duel added several special combination Compass Compass story of three brothers attendance (or really Kenjiro appear) will trigger hidden BGM ...

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