April 18, 2016

Last Battle Wars 4.65 AI

Map Last Battle Wars v4.65 AI - LastBattle 4.65-AI.w3x created by Zephyr (Chinese)
Reincarnation Wars 4.65 AI  - 轮回战记4.65 AI
Map language: Chinese

Large-scale attack mode to modify the AI, AI is now more flexible. 2. Added a new AI back on defense base conditions, when the main base was attacked, AI will be more quickly back on defense. 3. Modify the difficulty of AI, and four difficulty levels now get new experiences increased rate, divided into 100%, 110%, 130%, 160%. 4. Add a new AI activities, now late, AI itself offensive summon the help of mercenaries, the latter playing the AI ​​soldiers line the more difficult to handle. 5. Modify the hero hate skills plague damage over time, time now for the 12/14/16/18 → 11/12/13/14. 6. Modify the hero hate cooldown skills plague, now 16/18/20/22 → 15/16/17/18. Area connection: zhzybbs.uuu9.com welcomed new models and new heroes to give advice and opinions. ...
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