April 11, 2016

Naruto fetters 6.7

Map Naruto fetters official version 6.7

火影忍者羁绊6.7正式版 - 作者:怕你更伤心Heroes Update: 1. Paragraph fly [Cthulhu Mode] changes after the defense adjusted to maximize fly paragraph 2. [Division through the blood of the dead] by the scope of the damage was adjusted to 500 yards 350 yards 3. angles are hurt by the [mine escape pseudo dark.] 50/80 times adjusted to 80/140 times, and reduced cooldown slightly 4. Kisame [water escape. Unlimited shark] damage from the 45/60 to 60/90 times the adjusted times, and cooldown reduced slightly 5. II [ art line of darkness] 6. cooldown reduced generation [by each other detonating character] hurt by a 350 times 450 times adjusted, adjusted by the scope of 330 430, and cooldown reduced 7. Kakashi [escape Ray Ray Chuan] 8. promotion hurt a little four generations [super flash screw turbine lost three-way] hurt by a 275-fold to 450-fold adjustment 9. Kimimaro [Chun dance] hurt by the agility to adjust up to 10 times 30 times 10-Jun Ma agility injury Lu [early Jue dance] hurt by a 240-fold adjusted to 480 times!11. Naruto [spiral pill] hurt by the adjusted 35 times 50 times 12 white [instantaneous water body] increasing distance performer 13. White [Mirror ice kill] harm from 3.5 times to each adjustment 15 times every 14 white [crashing ice] hurt by a 130-fold adjustment 330 times 15. HL [emerald crystal hexagonal columns] hurt by a 180 times 375 times adjusted to 16. HL [emerald crystal maze array] hurt by a 350-fold to 500-fold adjustment 17. Danzo's [Izanagi] hurt by a 40/80 fold adjustment 50/100 18. Danzo times of [the four images in seal] hurt by a 500-fold to 950-fold adjustment 19 . plaques [meteorite heaven] damage from the 50 \ 70 times adjusted to 100/140 times 20. the six classes [Yin Lei Doon School] hurt by the 45 \ 70 times adjusted to 60 \ 90 times a copy of the adjustment: 1. a copy of the fairy pocket relics falling 45% chance of adjustment 2. adjust the pocket copy of the points earning 50 points 40 points 3. hidden copy rain points earning 50 points 40 points adjusted by the adjustment of props: 1. instantaneous body pain no longer limited role uses ...

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