April 25, 2016

One Piece - End Times X 1.77 AI

Map One Piece - End Times X 1.77 - OnePice EXE-1.77.w3x
You can play this map with other Player or Computer (AI+++)

Opened the era of pirates, or the end of this evil age! This, chosen by you. Update: 1, add a new hero (Robin Hancock, Moglia, Simon King) 2, repair some of the skill damage (Luffy pit goods, etc.) 3, fix known game BUG (does not affect the game ) 4, add a shopping assistant (can send goods) 5, removal mechanisms skill number (using mana after this release) 6, optimized game terrain (trees, textures) combined system: when a particular hero in the same forces will trigger combinations addition ● engage egg trio: Ice, Sabo, Luffy straw hat ● five groups: Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Frankie, Robin ● Don Quixote family: 多弗朗明哥Caesar, four Huang Wei Geer ● New World: Shanks, white beard, black beard ● in the name of justice: red dog, blue pheasant, yellow monkey, tiger vine ● Kings seven Wu Hai: very flat, Luo, bear, crocodile sand, Hawkeye, Moglia, Hancock (this combination is only able to trigger any of five) game instruction: ● 60 seconds to enter a command - injuries: open harm display system -ON: open whole camp hero - curse: open system devil fruit curse - share: share ● open items frequently used instructions -kb: 5 seconds after killing the current controlled hero

-MH: detecting whether the player cheat Q: is this game gold is difficult to earn, the equipment can not answer : some places on the map casks, which are full of gold coins Q: What is the use of field Chuansong Zhen? A: Heroes come Chuansong Zhen middle, and then press the ESC key can be transmitted to each other in the wild Chuan Songzhen ask: what is the use of fragments of the wing? A: have a certain number to be wilderness areas in exchange for powerful equipment ...

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