April 02, 2016

Shjn Survivor 3.93 Flandre

Map Shjn Survivor v3.93 Flandre - Guardian Annals 3.93 Fran duo Lu - 守护纪年3.93芙兰朵露 - SHJN3.93Flandre.w3x - by China member (Chinese)

Redo all the damage system, the new system perfectly superimposed. Reborn three or four heroes, anyway, a lot. Redo optimize a series of heroic legacy. Redo icons and optimized trigger brush soldiers room. Redo the wind Wushan make Fuxi damage will not be so embarrassed. Redo the adder legendary ghost effects, and renamed Ancestral Spirit Wolf.Redo the beasts maternal-fetal skills. Redo the difficulty settings, and a random number initial items and money. Ten even adds a guard drawn items. It adds a new and interesting weapons.

  • Fixed care hurt the wrong question. 
  • Fixed Blade clouds crossing invalid and Yaodao heart problems. 
  • Fixed sword Nightingale Increases damage the wrong question. 
  • Fixed every night attack much higher error rate than expected. 
  • Fixed several typos.Fixed Zhangbashemao not display the unique effects of the problem. 
  • Fixed unable to purchase synthetic basaltic glasses fine soul problem. 
  • Fixed a problem leading to sound too loud. Fixed an issue one hundred crack fist invalid. 
  • Fixed a problem if the wind glory invalid.Fixed a majority of skills, including crit, armor Swarm damage bonus calculation errors. 
  • Fixed crit multiplier twice as high than the actual multiple errors. 
  • Fixed error recovery holy water problems of life. 
  • Fixed seven knives text remains. Fixed a problem as the giant package components are not shown. Fixed two men in the United States pupil invalid question. 
  • Fixed a rock initial level does not provide health bonus issue. Fixed items when switching roles related deaths articles go away. 
  • Fixed typos beginning. 
  • Fixed title get the wrong question. ...
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