April 20, 2016

War of Sanctity II - WoS II 1.45c AI opt.w3x

Map War of Sanctity II - WoS II 1.45c AI opt.w3x Created by Alxen ; Uploaded by: Alxen345

Update 1.45c
-Added a new shop

Update log 1.45b
-Arthas added to the Necropolis as a playable hero
-Added 3 new Preserve heroes
-Fixed current found bugs
Update log 1.45a Optimized
-Removed the combat faction between Illidan and Arthas and added Illidan as a hero.
-Soon going to be added Arthas too.
-Fixed current found bugs

You can play this map with other player or Computer (AI +++)

War of Sanctity II is the following drastical version of the previous one, WoS 1. It is heavily based on the systems WoS 1 used but highly improved. There is a total of 152 heroes that can fit any player depending on its preference. The items and also graphics are very well made having a wonderful appearance that will surely make you enjoy the game.

Heroes are classified as:
-Tanks - Mostly Strength heroes which rely more on melee engaging and heavy quick effective skills.
-Rangers - A part of the Agility heroes, mostly based on ranged assaulting skills and far distanced slaying
-Assassinss - The another part of Agility heroes, they are based more on melee slaying and disrupting skills at closed range.
-Spellcasters - A part of the Intelligence heroes, heavily based on the power of their spells. They are very useful against Asssassins 'cause of their low magic resistance.
-Supports - The another part of the Intelligence heroes, rely mostly on healing and positive apply of the buffs.

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