April 17, 2016

X Hero Siege D-Day v1.5

Map X Hero Siege D-Day v1.5.w3x Created by BloodDrunk
  • Reworked Suprise Circle
  • Reworked Skull Of Dread's ability Restore: Now it can only be used when its HP is below 30%
  • Reworked Broodmother's "Feast" spell
  • Added new item in Skull Of Dread -> Keleen's Dagger
  • New terrain change
  • Fixed an issue where Dephlaxno would fail to respawn hero sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where Gliden wasn't providing your hero with spell damage immunity
  • Fixed an issue that allowed your courier to pick up powerups from the ground, initiating game crash
  • Fixed an issue where your hero wouldn't respawn after the Final Wave if it died without item that ensures respawn
  • And many other small fixes and changes
Select your hero and fight your wave to the DevilDare, while defending your Headstructure (Skull Of Dread). Challenge yourself by doing various missions and fightning minibosses.

Available Game Modes: -ar ,-ap, -sh, -sm, -bg
Ap (All Pick) - Players gets to pick any hero from any tavern
Ar (All Random) - A random hero is given to every player
Sh (Same Hero) - Randomizes host's hero and players are given the same hero that the host controls
Sm (Spam Mode) - FOR FUN ONLY! Spells have no cooldown or manacost
Bg (Bonus Gold) - Players gain periodic income depending on game difficulty

Display available cheat codes by typing "-cheats"

Available Cheat Codes:
-um (Unobstructs your movement)
-om (Obstructs your movement)
-gold # (Adds input number gold to you)
-gems # (Adds input number gems to you)
-freeze gold (Freezes your current gold)
-freeze gems (Freezes your current gems)
-kill enemies (Kills all organic enemy units on the map)
-lvlup # (Sets the level of your hero to the input number (Max is 25))
-invurnerable (Makes your hero invurnerable)
-vurnerable (Makes your hero vurnerable)
-str # (Adds input number to your strength points)
-agi # (Adds input number to your agility points)
-int # (Adds input number to your intelligence points)
-ms # (Sets your hero's movespeed to the input number)

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