May 09, 2016

Animation Fighters v5.1

Map Animation Fighters v5.1 - Cartoon star scuffle v5.1 - 动漫明星乱斗v5.1
Author: Seraphim repair

Click to increase 乌尔奇奥拉 range. 2. Click on the range to increase First Hokage. 3. The amendment does not increase property turned over race issues. 4. Fixed singled both random mode may cause the game to the same hero can not go on the problem. 5. The swing - from the left to release reduced from 1200-800, there are still questions within the bonus damage corrected text description. 6.room can take the initiative and fix even close enough mana still maintain room effect problems. 7. Gamma Knife Appears from 10 attacks reduced to 5 attacks, and optimize the effects. 8. Aria Click to increase the scope. 9. Mordred Click to increase the scope. 10. The nine models cooldown increased from 200-300 seconds.11. Pickled spare time to speed up the landing skills. 12. If Pickled Rene duration once every 1 second to clear the control effect, cooldown increased from 12-30 seconds. 13. Pickled injuries suffered by seven type duration increased from 1.6 times to 2.0 times. 14. Byakuya Wan solution when it changes scattered thousand cherry effect. 15. AMENDMENT King treasure no injury problems. 16. Open Ensaka Rin choice. 17. Uchiha Itachi Amaterasu redo effect. 18. The fate of the scrolls and magic pendant can not be destroyed or to be picked up enemy. 19. and scepter Cooldown increased to 10 seconds. 20. Fixed Rukia Twin Lotus Cang fire problems falling in the wrong direction. 21. Fixed Kurosaki instantaneous cut the body does not move with the slash track problems Ichigo. 22. in red with a red a skill combined. 23. Redo crane wing triple effect. 24. Red Sword wireless system can release a cast refresh skills will not be repeated barrage. 25. Golden glittering treasure King scope doubled. 26. Great thirty-one the bomb cooldown increased from 15-25 seconds. 27. Great three places at once instead of switching positions can only use three mad. It has a chance to crit 28. Al Anatolian state in the sprint attack. 29. Redo sword victory Deed. 30. Most of the projected skill is interrupted in any way when it is no longer effective. 31. Kiriko passive eliminate projected range reduced from 1000 to 350. 32. mad skills can not be used to maintain the current number of batter. 33. Thunder Roar Cannon redo effect. 34. Kiriko Passive unit is determined to be changed to female gender determination skills invalid. It consumes only one layer accumulated 35. world opened seven non-termination time. 36. Join a new model queues war. 37. Redo Naz flames engulfed.

38. Uchiha rebound rebound coefficient decreased to 0.5 times. Join rebound effect projection skills. 39. Sōsuke Aizen elusive damage coefficient down to a maximum of life x0.18. 40. [magic] cooldown reduced by 1 second. And people under 41. Long singled mode mode can not be used to replace the war hero. 42. add a new hero Atalanta. 43. Shana day break soil crushing effect optimization.44.-bug detection instruction to re-select the auto-detection. ...

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