May 13, 2016

Anime Fight 1.0 Beat

Map _Anime Fight 1.0 Beat.w3x - Anime battle characters 1.0 - Secondary roles war 1.0 Beat - Author: WeImpeccable
二次元角色战争1.0 Beat - 作者:WeImpeccable

Based on the first edition of skill Naruto reversed. 
1: Please War3 full effects 
2: half the consent of the host can press ESC person panel pop-T [T support people enter: Support T T does not support people who enter: You can enter only against T per person once, it is recommended to start the game enter] 
3: a tree can fall 
4: If the map directly into the game crashes, restart the game, this is because the UI does not match with the host UI 
5: game instruction -wd players a start in 60 seconds input, all players are full of money and honor, hero full level selected, the whole map open horizons -ar players a hero entered before any selection, all the players can see the current hero random hero -ms -camera + lens movement speed increase 500 yards -camera - reducing lens 500 yards -kill 10 seconds after the suicide (in case of use as card BUG border)

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