May 29, 2016

Anime Fight 1.2 Beat8

Map _Anime Fight 1.2 Beat8.w3x - Anime battle characters 1.2 - Secondary roles war 1.2 Beat8 - Author: WeImpeccable
  • New hero Sakuya Izayoi soul than that dream demon emperor Mingju Shiki two seven-night 
  • Each increase in both woods four brush strange point 
  • Increase disadvantage compensation system now start after 5 minutes, the score five points behind second one or more will receive extra money and experience 
  • Delete some props, equipment and adjust the unscrupulous price 
  • Increase the property book, a blade 
  • Adjust each hero skills damage 
  • Adjust armor and armor initial correction per point of agility, the overall low armor now 
  • Adjust the moving speed per point of agility now moving speed of the overall low 

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