May 03, 2016

Daily Special 1.8

Heroes Update: 
1: Add a new hero: Hatsune, Enma love 
2: Uniroyal D-skill damage reduction effect is reduced from 30% to 25% of the game update: 1: Add the merchant system, when the election of a hero can be switched to input -sr businessman mode, you can not choose a hero, a bureau exists only two businessman, businessmen can develop by breeding animals, or do the task to make money, money can hire mercenaries and upgrading technology, increasing the money fair between players select businessman restrictions 2: items selling price fell from 50% to 25% 3: Add the cheese task 4: Add snail racing game 5: Add poker Joker Casino Games 6: replacement of Warcraft interface 7: adding new challenges BOSS: devil 8: adding new items of equipment : devil の ring 9: adding Loan system 10: adding hidden vice Occupation: host ancestor / half-demon / despot / shaman / Rogue / Raiders persons / dead king / transcendence (deputy job Advanced) PS: find the corresponding NPC look chat host ancestor: vampire skills to get half-demon: 1500 experience obtained every 10 seconds tyrant value: 5% chance to attack each ordinary playing level * 5000 real damage and stun for 1 second shaman: Totem skills thieves access to treatment: get Shadow step skills Raiders were: first copies of BOSS kill AB will obtain the corresponding clothes armor dead king: get corpse poison skills transcendence: gain life skills particles 11: adding extra items Reel Productions, corresponding vice professional can make 12: gardener vice career effect strengthened 13: Deep Sea Queen pillars blood back twice as fast 14: strengthening monster bracelet / monster necklace / butterfly wings / tiger bow Equip effect 15: guild wars distribution modified to randomly assigned 16: adding a hatred of the system 17 : Add a new directive: View aggro value: press the ESC key twice after, click on the unit to display the current value of hatred 18: physical ability to add new effects after 150 19: add a new hidden achievements: "big Spender" big Spender continued :( earn interest offered by banks to increase money per 9) 20: Add new BOSS: Man Wang, S difficulty appears BUG fix: 1: repair seven players can not Kenshin Himura ESC key BUG 2: repair BUG achievement name suggests .. .

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