May 30, 2016

Insanity Attack v4.0

Map Insanity Attack v4.0.w3x Created by blancfaye7

First off, the players can choose what mode they want to play in. There are 5 modes:
Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane.
The Insanes adjust for the Normalizens. Isn't that nice of them?

The Normalizens consist of Builders, Military, Resource Structures, Research Structures, Towers, Garrison Structures, Shops and Walls.
Builders are units that build structures vital for progression.
Military are units that are combat-able and experts on the battlefield.
Resource Structures are buildings that give Lumber and Gold resources which play an important role for spending in research, building structures and training units.
Research Structures are buildings whose purpose is to research upgrades. Upgrades include the improvement of each part of the Normalizens.
Towers are basically defensive structures to safeguard the base.
Garrison Structures are buildings that train Military units.
Shops are buildings that sells items for unit (Builder, Military and Tower) improvement.
Walls are structures that serve as a barrier, literally. They are mostly used to cover your camp from the Insanes.

Being a Normalizen, of course there is pride.
Whenever there comes rivalry or dispute between them, or when they feel like they want a contest, then there always is a PvP system.
Normalizens can declare war on each other, as well as redeclare alliance.

Being a Normalizen, there is also friendship.
Each Normalizen is a friend of the other. They can give resources to those who are in need. They can also give their own units under the command of another leader (currently disabled, though).

In the middle of chaos, the Insanes love to bring a trouble party with them just to make a Normalizen to be one with themselves. Random Events will definitely occur, and it must be expected by the Normalizens in order to survive their chaotic acts.

Even with that said, there is still one goal that the Normalizens have: To survive and defeat the Final Boss, whoever the boss is.
It is the end if All the Normalizens' Main Builders died, as it is their leader.
Also, the Final Boss seem to have an aura that makes any person insane... Whatever.
The Normalizens must survive no matter what!

To give a summary:
Normalizens can discuss which mode fits them.
Normalizens must get rid of Insane Fools out there who try to attack them.
Normalizens can declare war on one another.
Normalizens can reforge alliance.
Normalizens can give units to others, except to the Insane Folks.
Insane Fools are random because they want to be random, so Normalizens must expect for the worst.
Normalizens will win if the Insanes give up because they got bored of it or when the Final Boss is killed.
Normalizens will lose if their Main Builders die.

Download: InsanityAttack_v4.0_protected.w3x


• Different Difficulty Modes
• PvP System
• Unit Sharing System [Disabled]
• Camera Manipulation
• Important Unit Searching
• Random Events (More to come!)

Game Tips

• Don't be insane.
• Be coopreative.
• Don't lose hope.
• Be respectful.
• Be a fun person.

Early Game
• Check for a good area. Trees play a vital role in the game. They blind you from vision, and that's not good especially for towers. Any unit whose vision is blurred cannot attack on that spot, even if enemies are in combat range of the unit. These trees also block your view, especially those large ones! In the PvP world, you can use these trees to your advantage .
• Start small, Think fast. Start your camp as a small and nice place to live. 3 by 3 Walls are enough to fill your camp with a Hall, 6 Lumber Mills and 2 Towers. This is a very good starting set up.
• Be efficient (Decision-making). Walls take too long to build. Well, then leave them unfinished! Place your unfinished Walls first then build them later. Your first priority is to get resources quick and fast, and have at least 1 offensive/defensive unit, in which it is just a Tower in early game. Power Build it if you must, since Pests are a problem.
• Be efficient (Base architecture). All structures you can build have the same size, except walls. You must place your buildings well to maximize the small space that you have, and to also have pathways for your builders to travel to easily. Just 1 space gap is fine; all units except the mechanical ones fit through that gap. In late game, there will come Insane Freaks that are ranged. You must place buildings that are least used near the walls so that you lose only a little speck of progression. Take note also of each unit's sight range. Offensive units won't be able to attack on blind spots. Some structures have good sight range on day or night.
• Do not rush. Though some things are good to be rushed, there are also some that aren't. This includes Upgrading fast to an Advanced Hall. There are times that Advanced Hall is needed fast, but not all the time. There are other factors, but you must discover them yourselves.
• Assign Control Groups. Throughout the game, Control Groups will be very much important. You'll need this and you know you'll need this and abuse it to the maximum extent.

Mid Game
• Get Assistants. These group of workers are a must to have! Assistant Builders are your heroes! They have inferior Fast Repairs and Power Builds, but that's something! Helpers can also help auto-repair the walls. Not only that, but only Helpers can build Tunnels, which makes travelling a lot easier especially if your camp is getting bigger.
• Expand when needed. You heard me: Only expand when it is needed! Expanding needlessly can lead to your deaths. Expansions are needed for extra space. There are two kinds of expansions: the 1st one and the 2nd one. Hey, don't complain! I don't know what to name them. Anyway, the 1st one is an expansion which is extending your base from a direction. For example, you could either build walls outside of your camp which is just connected from your camp. The 2nd one is an expansion that is building a completely new camp in some place. This one is better, but harder to manage. You need some kind of defense to even pull through building a new camp.
• Upgrade when there is a chance. Research those upgrades when you can! Researches take time to finish, and you wouldn't want the Insane Freaks to continuously get stronger without you getting stronger as well! Towers can get outdated, etc...

Late Game
• Produce an army. At this point, you should be mass producing units to kill the Final Boss, and to reduce stress from your camp/s. This can be done in mid-game. You need to reserve a space for these, since this can become cloggy.
• Research only what you have researched with a progress of 70% and up. Starting to research new upgrades can become futile. It can help, but it's better to focus what you have maximized by now.
• Get a Bank. Yep. With this, Lumber and Gold can all become as 1 type of currency. There is unity and serenity within the hearts of Wood and Money!
• Always check your camp and builders. With the Insane Fools getting more insane each second, you have to check your camp regularly. Anything bad can happen, you know!

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