May 23, 2016

Kichiku Wars 2.92 AI

Map Kichiku Wars v2.9 AI - Kichiku kaleidoscope full speech V2.9 official version
鬼畜万华镜全语音V2.9正式版 - 作者:愤怒の五爷

This map is more content, it has exceeded the limits of Warcraft map 40M, complete version of the map can not Holdfast platform / VS platform / platform Tencent in online and LAN. Only castrated version to the normal online under all circumstances, but recently I do not want to attack cancer lazy castration Edition, like this map Warcraft players to play against the official platform or 11 war platform game, both platforms have exceeded map limited to, the normal online. This map Warcraft official war platform in the establishment of a zone, you can come here and find players to play with a small partner. The remaining changes: increasing the boundaries of the map to repair the unit ran out of the bounds of the game crashes landscaping beautification mercury Lancelot model motion model operation Replace Penglai Shan-hui night Model From Beijing with Love replace home BGM true red E skills BUG repair Xi Geluo D skills BUG repair Beijing with Love knife skills to optimize the R QB skill damage increased redo redo operation model real red storm storm submodel action sub-Q skills R interval skill damage reduced power constant storm winds E of skills restraint BUG repair damage in the cemetery to take poison duel field trigger damage formula Overlord pill changes the governor is no longer within both base Bigfoot hero accidental death duel field optimization mode, to avoid the legendary duel mean (the two sides duel when a third party into chaos led to two dozen a) a new NPC Hess Ti Ya, randomly buy some useful things in her (strap God will wander around inside the map, each game props are refreshed different, there may not refresh) Altman hero physical damage increase from 150% to 125% down, shake coefficient M physical damage absorption to grow 30% A9 is reduced from every power level 3:00 to 2:00 intelligence to not grow, reducing the initial attack, attack power per point after 2:00 magic weaponry increase the maximum decrease of 1:00 Youni magic shield CD from 6 seconds to 10 seconds Suiseiseki water system to be able magic on fire every night wind between May cause additional damage to older drivers Sakata silver and rattan Lin Xing violent motorcycle butt interval Mating additional damage after pill can not be laughing killings during violent attacks of Lancelot after suffered a 50% reduction Penglai Shan-hui night banned me God ...

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