May 03, 2016

Kodo Tag - 2016 Ver 4.6

Map Kodo Tag - 2016 Ver 4.6 Created by Troyy ; Uploaded by: troylowyee

Map Info:
Kodo Tag is a tag game where you have to run away from kodos and build a base.
Survive for up to 30 minutes to win the game. Rescue other runners that are caught by kodos to ensure the survival of your kind.

1) 5 Levels of difficulty and number of kodos increase depending on player size

2) Items: Dedicated custom items.

3) Unique Kodos: Razor kodo (A range attack Kodo). Jail Kodo (A kodo that walks only around the jail)

4) Various towers and upgrades to help the Runner, prices are balanced to ensure that

This map is orignally made by demon_archer69 and thrash_ur_ass.
Credits to looking_for_help for the Physical Damage Detection System
Credits to magicforrest for WC3 Item&Skill Designer

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