May 05, 2016

Melee hero PK v1.7.4

Map Melee hero PK-v1.7.4 -  rbyxPK-v1.7.4.w3x official version 

Author: Triple Shao Jun

Joined the mount system, a certain number of kills reward the horse pulling the wind domineering mighty handsome. 2. Add the 6v6 mode. 3. Add a new ring system. 4. Add 30 minutes before the kick can not, in the novice protection. 5. The balance of the game data, an upgrade book 10000, 20,000 books a property to ensure that everyone late attribute less to ensure that everyone can kill. 6. fix some known BUG keep pushing platforms: <Warcraft official war platform> inside our zone, breaking away from cheating FIG. Play melee Warcraft official election [1] war platform. Built primary server, run the host incomplete dropped 2.Disconnection can reconnect 3. Can people outside the match referee [similar] 4. Ignoring any full Software 5. Warcraft game with teammate speech, press F6 to talk to the official World of Warcraft Battle

Download: rbyxPK-v1.7.4.w3x
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