May 08, 2016

Naruto reversal 1.44 AI

Map Naruto reversal 1.44 [AI] - Naruto NZ 1.44[AI].w3x - 火影忍者逆转1.44[AI]
Author: WeImpeccable

You can play this map with other player or Computer (AI++)

1. Damage to most of the skills and attributes 
2: Modify the terrain, avoid cards terrain inside 
3: Redo Uchi Houbara 
4: Redo Payne super Shinra day syndrome 
5: Redo wave feng shui door really fly Raytheon surgery - two segment 
6: clean up part of the map precipitation 
7: improve the overall blood volume, improve health every point offered body surgery, reduces mana per point illusionist provided, and modify the type of injury for each type of injury percentage Armor
8: money soldier increase, a substantial increase in money creeps 
9: reduce soldier collision volume 
10: No more detailed update

Tip: 1: computer equipment with the money and change the computer's initial money with computer players square formation [including computers] of How much change 2: Please read half of those players will interpret drawings of Warcraft full effects, and all the highest, the best resolution is the highest, so can guarantee the game to run properly, or may direct the disappearance of Warcraft collapse like 3: enter -br can buy live, but the money is needed hero level X100 4: in half of the consent of the host can press ESC person panel pop-T [T support people enter: support T T does not support people who enter: against T people can only enter once per person, it is recommended to start the game enter] 5: Please note that the trees can be directly out of the 6 a: If the map directly into the game crashes, restart the game, this is because the UI does not match with the host UI 7: -camera + enhances the camera's lens to reduce -camera-

Download: Naruto NZ 1.44[AI].w3x
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