June 11, 2016

Dimensional CYZC 7.8

Map Dimensional CYZC v7.8 - CYZC7.8.w3x - 
Category: Hero Arena
Update hero: every night, between excellent discipline
1. Fortune: Fixes abnormal BUG
2. Get a lot of gold coins golden egg to pool krypton 20% higher chance of obtaining eggs in mind .
3. Give krypton golden egg pool added a new card - type support Claire - can instantly upgrade all allies around 100 attack power for 10 sec.
King Kong Force Awakening (R): the effect of changes to strengthen the transfiguration W will refresh CD, movement speed increase of 30 points, attack power increased by 50 points, the whole property is temporarily increased by 20 points.

Map size: 53.07 MB
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