June 05, 2016

Naruto Crazy Party 1.27c AI

 Map Naruto Crazy Party 1.27c AI - Author: Wood

You can play this map with other player or Computer (AI+++)
  • Canceled the autonomous call tailed beast, kill the beast Last 30 seconds will automatically call the corresponding base tailed beast from the counter attack. 
  • Adjust the lens system can be increased and then decreased by ↑ ↓, ← → press for about rotation, reset by pressing the ← →. 
  • Fixed Items ten Quanjian active effect without vertigo bug.
 Fixed lens system dropped the issue led to adjustments to the layout of the original wild areas

Significantly weakened large creeps, and the abolition of a large team creeps reward field businessman forbearance is no longer sold, to sell some basic equipment, details see games. More exciting game to experience it ^ _ ^
Download: NARUTO_Crazy_Party_1.27c.w3x
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