June 11, 2016

Pokemon World League 2.5II

Map Pokemon World League 2.5II - Pokemon_World_v2.52.w3x official version

Author: Sheng

New pet Moltres Articuno Zapdos Lugia, up duck duck
Moltres Gotha: Electrical conduits island by boat to go after a kill 30 captured
Moltres Articuno: twin islands kill 30 frozen after the bird capture Zapdos: the unmanned power plant kills 30
Zapdos capture Lugia: after activating kill all three birds in the middle of the map stone water spots appear up duck
Multi-scale increase of 99% over 100 Armor life changed more than 90% of life 9 ) amended goldfish Wang, thorn sea dragon, dragon thorn abnormal movement speed, movement speed dragon into the water transfer rate of 300 380 land mobile speed 28010) 100% restoration capture still escape bug ...

Download: Pokemon_World_v2.52.w3x
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